Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trail of Crumbs

I just have to share one quick thing with you while my dinner is in the oven.


Have you read the book 'A Homemade Life' by the Orangette blogger Molly Wizenberg? If you have not, you ought to. Her book and posts are full of intimate personal stories that make you want to duplicate not only her appreciation of food but also her perspective on the world. Two years later I'm still trying to finish this book because I can only read a page or two before I must head to the kitchen and make one of her recipes. She has taught me about grilled cabbage with cream. She has a wonderful respect for ginger. And she makes good use of her scraps.

Here's what she taught me. All those heels of bread that you have in your freezer imagining one day you will invite the Royal Army over for a stuffed turkey dinner? You can chuck them in a food processor and let the bread turn them into bread crumbs. Only do a handful at a time or you burn out the motor. But these bread crumbs not only take up much less room in the freezer, they are easier to find a use for.

Tonight's supper here is sole florentine. The spinach groweth madly in these parts. And I love fish. Layered with some cream, butter and cabbage, the fish will soak up the butter and become delectable and tender. Next comes the layer of spinach with bread crumbs and grated jarlsberg cheese on top.

Nothing wrong with that. Gotta go.


  1. We also just made a bunch of our own breadcrumbs! I can't believe I never thought about doing it years ago :o)

  2. I remember loads of bread heels when we had little ones to feed. But another great idea I will share. BTW, I love your wonderful recipes as well. Happy cooking!


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