Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lady's Lair

So now that we are building our space, an area of our home (or elsewhere) where we know we can let our creative selves roam, we need a name for this space. Men have the Man Cave. In it, I am told, are rock star props, posters of women in bikinis, magazines about mechanics etc.

Actually I have no idea what a Man Cave has in it. I imagine it is different for every man. My husband would have his farming magazines, his blackberry and laptop, a good Wendell Berry book and some sugary treats.

But I don’t see women enjoying a Cave-like atmosphere. Ours would have morning sunshine leaking in (and incidentally, our old bedroom attic which is my new allotted creative space - has this in spades). You would go upstairs to it or even outside. Or if it were downstairs there might be flowers, scents, music playing, knitting needles and stacks of gorgeous wool?

Here are some ideas for the name of our hideaway. Lady’s Lair, Dame's Den, Chick Nook. Or is it just the Kitchen for some? Lass' Castle. Estrogen Chamber. How about My Space? Not the internet one, but simply the space that a woman does not attend to the needs of others. It is a safe, uninterrupted place where you have permission to be at home in your self and do whatever you please for a wee few minutes or hours every week.

In my twenties I built a small treehouse in a cedar tree that leaned out over top of a running creek. The creek tumbled through the valley beneath my rented house in the forest. The water flowed year round, even below the ice on the coldest days of winter. The structure was about 10 feet off the ground and 2 of the 3 sides were made of glass. It was insulated with a sealed doorway so that even on the coldest winter nights, I would bring my pillows and duvet(s) and my cat and sleep while listening to the creek trickle below around the silence of the snowy wilderness. It was my little piece of heaven. I would play guitar here, read here, contemplate stuff or just go to be alone.

My point here is that there should be no limits to where this space is. Whatever gets your juices flowing!

I hope you have this already.

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